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Wistar Holt, unhinged bully

Wistar Holt (for it is he)

Well hoodathunkit? It turns out that your humble scribe isn’t the only person that GATA dumbass and über-underwater ECU Silver shareholder Wistar Holt tries to bully around with his foul mouth and threatening behaviour. From Kitco’s Nadler today:

“A certain Mr. Wistar Holt (he, a key member of an organization that promulgates the theory that the old market is rigged/suppresses/manipulated/etc.) sent this writer an overtly threatening e-mail (you know, like the Sicilian message about Mr. Luca Brasi sleeping with the fishes) and advised this writer to ‘watch his back’ when next out in public. Now that this is out in the open, maybe you can all help me watch my back, and Ian’s too, and anyone else’s who dares to use his right of free speech, or that of putting forth an opinion to challenge the propaganda of the histrionic, the illogical, the uniformed, and the unhinged bullion bullies.”

Semi OT: Don’t forget, folks; If the scam silver stock ECU.to doesn’t crack a share price of $3.00 by December 31st 2009, HRH Bill Murphy of GATA is offering his half price subscription special for 2010. Here’s the evidence, in the hand of the great gold god himself.

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