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Wowsers! An intelligent English language article on Bolivia

Here’s the link to an article published in Upside Down World today that concerns the “threat” that the Muslim community in Bolivia poses to TheFreeWorld™. But instead of conjuring up oogabooga imagery and the balderdash that’s the norm in English language articles on Bolivia, this report actually does something rather radical; it treats you like a thinking human being. It also does another wild thing by actually interviewing the people accused of being a ThreatToDemocracy™ and, amazingly, incredibly, spookily, it turns out they’re into things like peace, respect for fellow man, democratic debate and all that weird stuff that used to happen way back in the late 20th century.

Below follows an extract from “What Is Behind the Bolivia-Islam Connection?”. Those of you who don’t fall for the normal John Enders-like racially tinted brainwash pieces and prefer to know more about the real South America should link through and read this excellent report.

“The head of the Islamic Center, Mahmud Amer Abusharar, an elderly grey haired Palestinian refugee sitting in his front office appeared humorously bewildered when presented with recent US intelligence and media reports detailing him among others in a study of extremist threats in Bolivia.

““The Islamic center is a Bolivian institution, which has no discrimination, whatsoever, against anyone… white like the Europeans, or brown like the Bolivians… Thank God we call on the people to be good to be universal and honest, not to be aggressive,” Abusharar insisted.

““I never thought that the Islamic Center forms danger to the United States, but who is introducing this idea to the United States public; he must be the one looking to harm the North American people.”


“….I have met many Americans in my life and they deserve respect. They teach their sons to tell the truth, but once they read the rubbish of a person like this problems start for the United States. If we have intelligent governments, they will not listen to this rubbish.”


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