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Wowsers! Colombia’s airbase agreement with the USA may about to be voted inconstitutional by Colombia

Colombia’s Constitutional Court dudettes and dudes
If this happens, a very interesting turn of events is on the way. Colombia’s interwebnetpipes site “La Silla Vacía”, known for its insight and good contacts, today reports that Colombia’s Constitutional Court is likely to throw out the USA/Colombia airebase agreement that allows the US to use Colombia as its own personal aircraft carrier. Here’s the first paragraph of the Silla Vacia report translated, click through for the rest:
Yesterday for several hours, the meeting of the Constitutional Court debated the agreement that allows gringo military the use of seven military and concluded the session without coming to a decision. Today they meet again. Although the input of two of the judges is still needed, three different sources told La Silla Vacía that there is a clear majority to vote down the agreement between Colombia and The United States. Continues here.

UPDATE: What, you don’t speak Spanish and want more translated? Oh, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? So let’s get this straight: You have all these opinions that you get from news filtered to you by English language media, you consider yourself an expert on South America, you tell people that actually live here what’s right and wrong….and you don’t actually have any way of knowing what’s being directly said…is that right? And then you write stuffy mails to bloggers demanding more information as if it were your God given right? Here’s a message for you, my anonymous friend:

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