Take physic, pomp

Yeah, it was him alright

A lesson for all the 24 year olds out there who think they’re hard.

Don’t mess with the ultra-rights. It must have been 117 days of excitement and “real live war games” for Dwyer, hanging with fascist Croat war veterans….

Dwyer listed as Eduardo Rozca Flores’ friend on Facebook

…. training with live rounds, wearing green, feeling important, driving imported BMWs, wowing the local girls, feted by the UJC and plotting deep plots. He must have loved it all, right up to the moment before that photo happened.

All rather sad, really. R.I.P, Michael Dwyer.

UPDATE: Listen up anonymous posters and mailers both known and unknown:

1) The picture stays. Those that spend their life watching reality shows and unaware of reality need a wake up call. This is not a game. These people were plotting to destabilize Bolivia and got what they deserved, period. Don’t like it? Hard luck.

2) I said it’s “sad” for many reasons. After speaking with a couple of people on the ground in Bolivia my best guess that he was a young man living his own fantasy and way, way over his head. Anyone else out there think they’re hard but run a Bebo page? Gimme a break…..

3) But it’s also sad that the hatemailers (yep sure, come over to the house anytime and meet my dog) can’t see a few basic facts, not least of which being that we’re talking foreign nationals with far right wing connections in an area of Bolivia that tried to start a coup d’etat last year carrying guns and explosives, in itself totally illegal.

4) But the saddest part of all is the way that people think they can still change South America this way. You can’t so go home now if you think that way. And stay home. And shut the fuck up cos you don’t have the slightest clue of what you’re talking about.

5) And yes, they’re exit wounds. Which means he was almost certainly running away when the Bolivian armed forces shot him. Welcome to the world of rough justice. I don’t feel sorry for what happened to the guy, I feel sad for the guy. There’s a big difference.

6) For the forseeable future, any comments not from regular readers and all mails from people unknown will be deleted without being read, so feel free to waste your time.

UPDATE: Find out more about the people who funded the mercenaries by clicking here

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