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Yes, IKN has left Twitter (an in-house post)

To attempt to stem the mails that have started coming in, as noted on Monday (a Canada holiday, may be why it wasn’t picked up by a few of you) I have deleted the IKN Twitter account and left the service. Couple of points to make:
  • No, it’s not for nefarious reasons, or some nasty troll, or anything else of that sort (thick skin has been in place for years).
  • In a nutshell, the reason is that I see it’s taking up a lot of my time. 
  • However, I also recognize it’s a useful news service and helps to a certain extent in my work.
  • Therefore I want to sit back and get a decent handle on the cost/benefit balance of being or not being on Twitter.
  • I’ve tried to do that in a passive manner on a couple of occasions, but it hasn’t worked. So the only effective way is to turn it off and see how things change without it in my working life.
  • This means that it’s perfectly possible IKN rejoins Twitter at some point (few weeks?) if I decide benefits outweigh the costs. If so, I’ll start a new account and make mention of it here.

Meanwhile, for those of you who were using Twitter to get delivery of IKN posts as they happened, I can suggest getting the RSS feed for the blog by clicking here or perhaps you’d consider joining the thousands of people who get the free daily IKN e-mail digest by using this service right here (if you do, you get all the day’s posts, neatly packaged into one mail and delivered early morning the next day).

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