Take physic, pomp

Yes, that’s B2Gold under U$1.00 today

All the proof you need:

This looks rather cheap to me, lots of bad news that likely doesn’t exist baked into that number. Consider that your trade tip of the day and talking of bake, yesterday by request of the birthday girl we didn’t do a birthday cake…
…we did cupcakes. Oldskool cakes are soooo 20th century, apparently. One of the things I like about having kids is the way they make you feel old and young at the exact same time.

PS: I have no problem in admitting that all this BTO selling has me scratching my head. It’s clearly driven by a New York seller, though.

UPDATE lunchtime: And down and down and down again.

It just bounced of U$0.91 (!!). I own plenty, it’s getting tempting to own a bit more. Catch another falling knife?

UPDATE 2: And under U$0.90! Impressive. Watch out anal ysts, The Clive might be ready to punch somebody if this continues…

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