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Yorbeau (YRB-A.to): Another bullshit story

And so this morning your humble scribe gets this dumped in my inbox by a moose pasture specialist named Yorbeau (YRB-A.to), a very pretty 58 page fundamentals report put together by some outfit named MKK Consulting Inc. However, we can happily report that it’s not necessary to wade through every page and digest the information there provided, because the way to go on these things is to skip to the bottom first and read the disclaimer. In this case, MKK is known as “CONSULTANT” (potentially derived from “con”, insult” and “ant”, as in insect)

“This report is paid for by Yorbeau Resources Inc. Yorbeau Resources Inc paid CONSULTANT to conduct research on the company on an annual continuous basis. This report is an independent assessment of Yorbeau’s business affairs, and outlines a business plan and strategic alternatives within the competitive market circumstances. In keeping with its policies of strict independence, aIl of the opinions expressed in this report are strictly those of CONSULTANT, and are free from any influence or interference from any person or persons at the company.” continues here

Sooooo… run that by me again, YRB-A willyaz (and note the dash A as well)? This report is independent, in fact is deemed of strict independence, they’re free from any influence, but the company pays the consultant for the work done. And the photo of the bridge hanging in the company’s reception area is also a company asset and is for sale at a discounted price to anyone interested (cash only).
Amazingly, there are still people who mail in to IKN to say that what happens on these pages is “unfair” . They also tend to wonder just why the junior mining industry has its scumball reputation.

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