Take physic, pomp

You can tell Setty is new to blogging…..

…because he naively believes that pro journalism is going to credit a blogger for hitting a scoop on LatAm business affairs. Forget it, dude. Even if you find the local equivalent of Watergate the shameless hacks in Mainstream Media would never sully themselves by admitting they got a market moving story from a blog. Believe me…been there, seen that, got the backfiles and timestamps.

Here’s Setty this morning (excerpted, of course)

Nice to see Bloomberg & Reuters following me on the PDVSA arbitration story.

Now we’re all friends here (literally!) so I’m not going to get bitchy about this, but I need to note that when a small publication like this one scoops the big guys, it’s considered to be the polite, ethical thing to do to give a little link or mention. For future reference, the phrasing is something like “The change was first reported on the Web site Setty’s notebook.” But you already know that.

DYODD, dudettes and dudes. And read blogs to find out first.

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