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You get what you pay for in Colombia (and vice versa)

Today’s LatAm weirdnews translation, from this report:

Condemned For Not Paying For Sex With Employee
In the city of Pereira, a man was condemned to pay his domestic employee for sexual services she had given him that had not been remunerated.
Judge Eisenhower Zapata, speaking on Caracol Radio, explained that the patron paid his employee her salary for housework and had also agreed a payment of 20,000 pesos (U$10) for each sexual favour.
The domestic employee “made note in a notebook how many times she had slept with him for four years until the relationship soured and she demanded the payments be liquidated.”
The judge added that the domestic employee “had proven that she had slept all those times with the gentleman and that he didn’t want to pay her.”
The man was ordered to pay on consideration that “prostitution is age-old and is as respectable a profession as any other.”

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