Take physic, pomp

You think sentiment is bad today?

Just wait til Thursday evening when Mexico announces its GDP has dropped by 10%. Think I’m joking? Just watch.

Interestingly, Pres Calderon wants to be best pally pals with Brazil and Lula now,with all channels reporting (eg AP):

SAO PAULO (AP) — Mexican President Felipe Calderon says he supports the idea of a free trade agreement between Brazil and Mexico, the two biggest economies in Latin America.

Calderon says he’s enthusiastic about the idea of a deal proposed by Brazilian business executives to push for a commercial accord for the two nations.

Calderon made the comments Saturday in Sao Paulo at the start of a three-day visit to Brazil. He will tour installations of Brazil’s state-run oil company Sunday and is to meet Monday with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The Mexican leader says a free trade accord could help both nations because yada yada continues here

…because?….because, Bueller? Yes, that’s right, because Mexico exports 88% of everything it exports to the USA (and I’d estimate the other 12% is beer and tequila to the UK). So widening its export base is a pretty neat idea, right? Therefore it’s strange to note how Lopez-Obrador, the left wing candidate that Calderon defeated by a gnat’s fart back in the election tussle, made a FTA with Brazil one of the main 50 points of his election manifesto as correctly pointed out by country authority The Mex Files.
Good to see intelligent people like Calderon admitting the error of their ways. Took him three years and a financial crisis but finally Mexico is getting the Socialism it voted for all along.

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