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You were warned about Regulus (REG.v)

Here’s a rule of thumb: When a company analyst can explain what’s going on at a company better than its own CEO, run away.


    A smart investor would have sold ALL his mining stocks at the end of Q3.

    I have been short gold since $2000, short gold stocks since then too. I was short Wesdome when u were loving it at $12.

    Gold is following almost the same pattern as 2010-2015.

    Its time to short Cu and the Cu equities for a retest of $3.25 Cu. Holding is gonna be painful.


    For the record, each time I listened to you, it made me lose money. So thanks for confirming that I should keep holding it.


      But strangely and unlike 99% of the people who invested in it, i walked away with a net profit from REG. Which tells me more about your reading comprehension than you would like the world to know.


    Regulus has always been a no go because of the high arsenic levels. They had to find something entirely new at low arsenic contents from the start. But they told no one at first.


      Bart, you truly do not know what you are talking about. Incredible how you can be presented with no end of facts and refuse to budge from the dumbest of dumb opinions about Sinchao.


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