Tis rigor and not law

You won’t be hearing about press freedom concerns in Mexico…

…because Mexico is “a friend”, Mexico isn’t Ecuador or Argentina or Venezuela, Mexico is a neat and juicy free trade agreement, Mexico plays by the rules of the North. But still we need to pay heed to the news of the new Mexican telecommunications reform bill (h/t the incomparable MexFiles) covered by Guanajuato resident Sterling Bennett. Here’s an extract:

“In a disturbing development in the telecommunications reform, the President and the Secretary of the Interior will have the power to censor Internet communications, including email, Twitter, Facebook messaging and others.
“In this trend, censorship poses as modernization; and dictatorial control, as democracy.”

You see? Nico Maduro’s doing it all wrong: His focus is the content of censorship, he should have been working on the marketing all this time. And yes, Venezuela’s government been doing things that are illegal according to its laws, so he should have been thinking the way Peña Nieto thinks and changed the laws first. The whole post is here.

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