Every why hath a wherefore

Your B2Gold (BTG) (BTO.to) free passes…

…as delivered by the sycophants in suits who sell their placements to you.
Ah wuz shocked, shocked ah wuz that Canaccord gives BTO a totally free pass on its 3q14 numbers:

Though this from GMP is an example of the more typical nuanced free pass. Note how they grumble and groan and call it negative…then right at the end reiterate their rating and price target. 
In other words you the anal yst…
1) Read the NR
2) Spot the obvious problems
3) Write about the obvious problems
4) Ultimately ignore them
5) Get back to the serious morning matters matter of choosing your lunchtime restaurant and securing a strategically high-value table from the maitre dee.
Brokerage anal yst, what a great job. Beats working or thinking for a living.

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