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Your New Gold $NGD update

On May 9th 2018, while welcoming Raymond Threlkeld as new President and CEO of the company, the chairman of New Gold (NGD) Ian Pearce had this to say:
“Under Ray’s leadership, New Gold
will continue to focus on delivering steady, operational performance at
Rainy River and enhancing our financial flexibility to execute on our
capital priorities. “I look forward to working with
Ray as we continue to advance a disciplined approach to both
productivity and value creation from our portfolio of long-life assets. 
We want to ensure that every dollar we generate is applied to the
highest-returning opportunity – whether that is building our balance
sheet strength or enhancing the ability of our assets to deliver strong
and stable returns.”
Advance… discipline… productivity… value creation… dollar generate… high return… building balance sheet….. mmmmmmm yummy mmmmmmmm yum yum mmmmmmmm, tasty stuff. And how have they been doing?
Keep creating that value, guys.

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