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Your PDAC 2014 Bingo Card

At the behest of Twitterpal @natfame (glad to be of service, ma’am), here’s your 2014 version PDAC Bingo Card, with instructions underneath:

1) Cut out card
2) Attend PDAC
3) Visit booths, chat with people
4) Hear phrase and mark your cross
5) First person to fill card, please contact IKN Nerve Centre™ where your prize* awaits.
Good luck to all!

UPDATE: Oh rats and bother, it’s already been pointed out to your humble scribe that “Majors need to replenish” has been repeated. So, any ideas on what to replace it with?

UPDATE 2: Suggestions already flowing (we may have to run a definitive version in a couple of days time). Likeables so far include:

“Rick Rule likes us”
We’ll fund it from cashflow
“Bitcoin is a potential source”

“Our next plan is to find the feeders”
“Yep, it’s huge, we just need to increase the grade”
“Once we get the community agreement”
“Once we get the permit”
“We’re next door to”
“We’re initiating coverage soon”
“We’re close to an offtake “
“It’s probably gonna be oversubscribed but I can cut you in”
“We are using the Prospect Generator Model”
“Louis James going to conduct a site visit”

*a night out with Iwnattos

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