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Your pedophile Catholic Bishop of the month

Ecclesiastical scandal hit Peru yesterday when it was confirmed that one Gabino Miranda, until recently a bishop who worked in the Ayacucho region of Peru, was stripped of his offices by the church in August because of accusations of pedophilia. What’s also interesting is how Peru’s Catholic church, under the auspices of Opus Dei Cardinal Cipriani, wanted to keep the case of fellow Opus Dei member Miranda away from the public eye and had said nothing to anyone about the case until forced into the admissions last night by first a revelatory op-ed in a national newspaper and then questions arising thereof. In other words, they might have been talking a new talk recently but just like any other big and powerful organization, they’ll only admit wrongdoing when forced to do so.
Hopefully, now the case is out in the open the Peruvian authorities will look into it and prosecute the piece of shit Miranda. However, in a country such as Peru, under the cosh of the Catholic church for nearly five centuries, that’s nowhere near a given.

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