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Your tax dollars at work

Chris Bendsen (for it is he)
In the wee small hours of Tuesday (04:10 to be exact), the US Consul General in Chile, a certain Chris Bendsen, managed to fall asleep at the wheel of his car and do this to the front end after a rapid stop against a wall in a posh corner of downtown Santiago.

He admitted to officers that arrived at the scene that he’d “had a little to drink” but then played the diplomatic immunity card and refused the mandatory alcohol breath test. He was then taken along to the local police station where he claimed full diplomatic immunity and was released under no charges a couple of hours later….out of a side door….to avoid the press corps that had gathered by then.

Good to know that the US reputation in Latin America is being held to its normal standards, no?

UPDATE: Sadly, I’ve been informed that the following photo is of the Bendsen’s ride..not nearly as bad as he deserves.

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