thus with a kiss I die

Your timely annual reminder of the Western world’s attitude towards war, courtesy of George Carlin

Here’s the post from a year and three weeks ago, below is the paste-out. Only extra comments needed for September 2014:

1) George Carlin was a genius. Thanks to recording technology, he still is.
2) It’s now 22 years.
3) At the time of Carlin’s show it was Iraq Part One. Last year was Syria, today it’s ISIS. The future will offer further name tags and incarnations, la plus ça change.

So, on with the show. Your humble scribe now takes the rest of the day off and shows his newly arrived houseguest round the city. Hasta mañana, damas y caballeros.


What’s changed in the 21 years since this was taped?

1) VCRs don’t get made anywhere these days
2) Name of the incumbent President
3) Geographic location of the latest war
4) Nothing else.

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