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Zico’s world cup final preview is very good

If you want to read smart things on football, read smart footballers. As a player Zico was a refererence point for footballing excellence and since retirement has shown brains that match his talent. That’s on show in this World Cup Final preview and it’s just about the best reading of tomorrow’s Germany vs Argentina game I’ve seen. Forget the rest and read the best, right here.

PS: The reason it’s a good analysis isn’t contained in the headline or Zico’s personal prediction that Gemany will win (reminder of my personal position: it’s way too difficult to call this match, plus I’m an Argentina supporter). Look beyond the easyread headers and to what he says about the teams, that’s the gold in this note.

UPDATE: Found another. Jim White on the final and the potential that Lionel Messi brings to the game is also smart and insightful football writing. Equally high recommendation, read it here.

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