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Zinc One (Z.v) $Z.v: Elefterios Aligizakis the main taker of the upcoming placement

Pretty impressively, IKN learns that even before the Zinc One (Z.v) placement is announced a lot of the book has already filled. Keith Neumeyer is in there of course, as is Daniel ‘Davidoff Cigar’ Ameduri and his soon-to-close company Future Money Trends.
However, the biggest bankroll behind this financing is Elefterios Aligizakis, normally known around Vancouver as “Larry The Greek”. Elefterios Aligizakis / Larry The Greek is one of Neumeyer’s closest pals and that’s unsurprising, as Neumeyer owes nearly all his success (or what passes for success) to his multi-vowelled friend. And as we also know Elefterios Aligizakis is already seriously underwater on Zinc One and desperate to make at least some money on the deal, you can now guarantee a full-court pump on the stock once this band of scumballs get their cheapo paper.

PS: Just out of interest, spellchecker tries to change “Elefterios” to “Deleterious”. Apt.

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