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Zinc, top-ticked by the Wall St Journal’s pump piece on the metal

You can set your Apple Watch to it (or just use it as a reminder to charge the thing). The WSJ on September 8th. “The world is running low on zinc”, it starts and continues in the classic manner, throwing in a quoite from the bullish traders at the LME (who want to dump inventory…on you…as quickly as possible), tales of tight supply in China (where else?), but of course nary a word about all its small zinc mines that have been in mothballs for years and now that Zn climbed over $1 are being moved back into production.
And hours later, a big inventory jump in the LME and the price goes…
…my, what excellent timing, WSJ. They don’t tell you that if it’s in the newspapers it’s too late for nothing, you know.

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