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Akiba Leisman libel update

An update regarding the post dated September 7th, “Where one draws the line with the online hatemongers and liars“. It may have taken a further mail to remind him of the situation but this evening, Akiba Leisman replied and apologized for his libellous insinuations about my person. We agreed that I would post this update here on the blog.

I thank Akiba Leisman for his apology. The matter is now closed.


    […] I have received an apology from Akiba Leisman. The matter is now […]

    Don Y. Midlothian,VA 22/09/22 3:12 am

    But don’t we get to see his actual text? Withholding that permission wasn’t generous of him, if not.


      A person like Akiba is never going to give you everything you want (ask his shareholders…yok yok) and just admitting fault the way he did must have been extremely painful for him. So, I could get huffy and insist he comply with the terms. Or i can shrug my shoulders, take his apology at face value, close the chapter. It’s an easy call, there’s one less idiot to deal with, one more person who’ll hopefully think twice about spreading unfounded lies about other people online. The end.


    I’m pleased. He, Akiba, was way offside; that he acknowledged and apologized, says he’s a way bigger man than Elon Musk. That you accepted, well done…..we can all be idiots occasionally.
    Don’t know Akiba, have suffered from owning shares in Bonterra, was serious misdirection there; heading in a better direction now, though for several obvious reasons, you wouldn’t know from the stock price. But hey, Superior Gold, great management, stock price sucks….and SKE, and….etc.


    Thank you Wiktionary, a poor substitute for a classical education, but the best I can do.
    Yes, true…..one of the reasons I follow your work Otto, is you reveal some of the ‘diabolical’ in the industry, which otherwise seems to pass without comment.
    Thank you.


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