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Where one draws the line with the online hatemongers and liars

I’ve grown a thick skin over the years, but Akiba Leisman, CEO of Mako Mining (MKO.v), a person who cannot stand the truth about his stock price performance and dictatorship support in his face, has crossed the line.

I get called all sorts of things all the time by the morons on social media, it doesn’t bother me. The hate-filled idiots even show up in the comments section here on the blog or my mailbox, it’s the easiest thing in the world to spam them away with a click of a button (though when the “You’re a paid pumper, Mark” stuff comes along it makes me sigh and wonder just how much slush money I refuse, when 90% of newsletter writers are on the take). But when I’m accused of pedophilia, the line gets crossed in no uncertain terms.

The hate-filled bigot Bob Moriarty was the last to find out the hard way after trying to spread similar filth about me, that coward has skulked off after getting his heinous lies thrown back in his face. This time it’s Akiba Leisman, CEO of Mako Mining (MKO.v), who thinks it’s funny to spread criminal rumours and absolute lies about me having sex with children. Even if I weren’t the father of a six-month old this would be too much, as it is his absolute fabrication of untruths about my person potentially puts me under the gaze of social authorities.

When learning of Leisman’s repeated and false rumour-mongering about me on this subject, two days ago, I immediately wrote to him and stated politely but firmly that he retract and apologize for the outright lies he spreads about me online. I pointed out to him that his behaviour was unbecoming of a senior business executive in a position of influence and speaks badly of him as a person. His only reply was a sarcastic comment, unrelated to my complaint.

I am unafraid of liars and bullies such as Akiba Leisman and while most of the abuse I get from the moron end of the mining world isn’t an issue, this is. I require a full apology and retraction from Akiba Leisman, CEO of Mako Mining (MKO.v), for the absolute falsehood and lies he is telling about me being a pedophile.

UPDATE: I have received an apology from Akiba Leisman. The matter is now closed.


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    well at least congrats on the new kid. mine are grown and gone and i really miss having them around. enjoy them while you still can. cheers


    Hi Otto,

    I stopped trading a few years ago, the stress got too much and a divorce took its toll financially. Of all the newsletters I used to get, you’re the only one I still read because I enjoy you calling out the crooks and lechers.
    May you go well on this one.

    Best wishes


    This is absolutely repulsive to hear. Thank you for remaining true to your values and morals sir. Tip of the hat to you. Sorry you have to go through all this crap.


    Otto, these are very ugly and sinister lies that require the threat of litigation. This Akiba fellow is incapable of defending his sad corporate situation so he lowers himself head first deep into the sewage bin.


      All i require is a full retraction and apology. I will give him a reasonable period of time and at some point send a final mail at a private level if required. Afterward, yes.


    Shoot the messenger!


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