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Bob Jew Hater Moriarty’s disgusting sexual fantasies

The Jew hater is feeling the heat and can’t take the pressure. How can we tell? Easy enough, the person who falsely publishes utter drivel and lies about my person, accusing me of all types of sexual impropriety that has simply never happened, can’t help but let his own disgusting psyche come to the fore when he can’t take it any longer. Using his online handle “fingerprint42”, here are his thoughts on critics of Novo Resources (NVO.to), as seen in this public bulletin board (dated November 22nd):

And this (dated November 25th):

And let us recall, this is the person who previously invented a completely false story about me having sex with children, then published it in a book extolling Novo Resources as the best gold junior stock ever! He’s not just depraved, it’s a serial obsession that he can’t help but show when the pressure gets to him. The best pally pal of P.T. Barnum PhD is a sick and twisted old man, fantasizing about 13 year olds at summer camps. And when challenged by people who have wisely taken the under on his Top Pick…

…he accuses them of onanism, as it’s all that comes to his mind. All this and his unabashed and open hatred of Jewish people, his religious hate speech toward them is on record and for years on end. The only surprising thing about this dirty old man is that there are still people who take him seriously. It’s long past time the world of mining consigned this pervert and bigot to the dustbin of history.

PS: What, you didn’t know about his racism? Well don’t take my word for it, ask him yourself. Seriously, he’s hardly shy about his views:


    One has to wonder in amazement why CEO hasn’t permanently banned Moriarty.


    Why the hostility ?


      Has that scumbag accused you of having sex with children? Of wife-beating? Of securities fraud? I have been accused in print by him of all those things and more, all without a single shred of evidence and all because he cannot stand being shown for who he is. Bob Moriarty is the archetype bully and I am unafraid of defending myself vociferously against such people. If that’s “hostility” then so be it, but consider his side of the coin.

      I invite you to ask him for any evidence to prove any of his libel; he will do what he always does, bloviate and say things like “just look for yourself!” or “it’s obvious” or “anyone knows that!”, but what he won’t do is provide any link or evidence to back up his claims (outside of his own echo chamber, at least). That is because there is none and that is because none of his accusations are true. They are all total lies. If you don’t stand for something you fall for anything and I will stand up for my reputation against that disgusting excuse for a human being, day and night.


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