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Bob Moriarty’s long-standing hatred of the Jewish people

Interesting mail. Out of the woodwork, indeed.

I work in the Mining Industry — I know of his [Bob Moriarty’s] websites.
This is not new. Mr. Moriarty has for years provided links to
anti-semitic, anti-Israel commentary. And, everytime there is flare up
in Israel — he spews even more rubbish. I have sent his comments to
many people and company’s in the Mining World, to boycott his site —
as many mining company’s advertising on his site probably are unaware
they are supporting a racist. Mr. Moriarty is entitled to his opinion
on the Middle East, but when he inserts racists lies against Jews (IE.
the Khazar lie) he loses any moral ground. In fact, a person I know —
Jewish — and in the mining business informed him a couple years ago,
that they will no longer advertise on his site due to his racist views.
Mr. Moriarty responded by emailing a Jewish Contributor to his site,
telling him his commentaries will no longer be on his 321sites. No
reason given –Just a Jew fires me — I will fire Jew — mentality of
Mr. Moriarty. Mr. Moriarty, like many in the anti-Israel/Peace
movement has exposed his real reason for hating Israel –They Hate Jews.


    This looks like one of those clumsy attacks on ones own business.


    Funny, when I think of Bob Moriarty, you come to mind almost immediately. Both of you are narcissists. Sort of like Trump on steroids.


      Now you’ve learned to spell a new word, the next job is to read about it and learn what it really means. But it’s good to see you’re trying to improve.


    […] PS: What, you didn’t know about his racism? Well don’t take my word for it, ask him yourself. […]


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