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Gatos Silver (GATO): Another one bites the dust

Four lives down, five to go? The last time we met Gatos Silver (GATO), in the post “Electrum swings the axe” on April 7th, we said goodbye to Stephen Orr as CEO, Roger Johnson as CFO and Philip Pyle as VP Exploration. As from tomorrow Dale Andres becomes interim CFO as well as being the new CEO, with Roger Johnson’s notice period up and no replacement yet. However, the new news is to say bye-bye to Chief Admin Officer Adam Dubas, effective May 31st.

The headcount from last month’s screenshot is thinning out:

The same as the other three, Mr. Dubas has also been there since 2011 and has also been quietly shuffled out the back door, via a late Friday NR filing that just kind of happens to mention the fact. Probably just coincidence.


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