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Gatos Silver (GATO): Electrum swings the axe

Along with its 1q22 production numbers today

  • Stephen Orr is out as CEO. Strangely, the NR forgets to thank him for his services or to wish him the best in future endeavours.
  • Roger Johnson is out as CFO, but staying around until May 21st. Again, a distinct lack of hearfelt thanks on show.
  • Philip Pyle is out as VP Exploration. In fact it says “recent retirement”, but it’s so recent his photo is still up on the GATO management page this afternoon. And another they forgot to send off with kisses and love. Bizarre, no?

So here’s a screenshot, for old time’s sake:

All three leavers are Gatos Silver veterans from the company’s inception back in 2011. Probably just coincidence.


    Thirsty 3rd and Mission Street 07/04/22 3:35 pm

    Go ahead, be as catty as you want, but none of these fine felines ever praised Hitler’s highways.


      ooohh, hark at youuuuuu….saucer of milk for table nine.

      Nah only joking, your comment is the cat’s whiskers


    If regulators actually did their job, they would be looking into all the GATO insider sales and determining who knew what and when, then prosecute and jail time…..otherwise this scamming in mining business never ends ….yeah I know…naive wishful thinking on my part


      There are few if any insider sales. These guys are more likely incompetent and did not question Teck’s work. The huge 70 % haircut was due to heavy institutional composition. These guys just press sell button as the shares present perhaps 0.03 % of their portfolio. Retail less than 3 %, they do not react that crazily.


    Copper squeeze coming.


    Goldman Sachs said copper is “sleepwalking towards a stockout”


    Well at least Thomas Kaplan wasn’t aware of the metal content discrepancies in the statement. Right ?


    Why after all the Covid deficit spending the provincial and national regulatory bodies don’t beef up their investigations and practices departments with more hires is beyond me, because there is a plethora of misadventure in the TSXV just waiting for sunlight to ring hefty fines out of. The money’s there just go out and get it. In other news retired couple audited by revenue Canada for home office expenses abuse and ordered to pay $2000 back.


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