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GR Silver (GRSL.v) now trades even at more very nicer and significanter discountings to peers

The urge to catch up with GR Silver (GRSL.v) overwhelms this desk, as the last time we crossed paths GRSL was keen to tell us how it was “trading at a significant discount to peers.” As we noted on the day in question…

I’ve yet to see the corporate presentation slide where a mining company proudly announces it is “Trading At A Significant Premium To Peers”, some way or some how they are always cheaper than the other mining companies in their subset. Seriously, why is that? How can all the mining companies all be cheaper than all their rivals all the time?

…but the good news now, over a month later, is the GRSL discount to peers has improved! Or got worse? Or is that a larger premium? Wait, I’m confused…is down further good or bad, Eric? Anyway…

…if you liked at at 15c, you’re gonna love it at 12! Amirite? Am I?


    Imagine the blue sky potential at 1 cent. It’s mind boggling.


    When is someone going to ask George Santos to be a director?


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