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Guatemala making Simon Ridgway look stupid. Again.

Do you remember back in January, when the arrogant boor spewed from his lying mouth about the wonderful opportunity that is Guatemala?

The projects in Guatemala have been held by Radius for a number of  years awaiting the right market and political conditions to advance the properties and that the time is now.”

One month later the latest on mining and political conditions in Guatemala is how the Ministry of Energy and Mines has officially suspended the permits held by the Fenix nickel mine. The stop work order was served for February 17th, the company has complied and announced that for 2021, it will cover the lost nickel production from its Guatemala operation from its other mines and with that, Guatemala has stopped the only formal mine left operating in the country.

Tell us more about the political “time is right”, Simon. That strident time is “NOW” claim Simon. Or maybe you are talking out your hind quarters and once again have failed miserably to keep that fat mouth of yours shut.

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    Simon Ridgway is a man who’s ready to get action underway!



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