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Simon Ridgway provides the day’s NR high comedy

With this:

The projects in Guatemala have been held by Radius for a number of  years awaiting the right market and political conditions to advance the properties and that the time is now.  Volcanic is well financed and has an option to earn a 60% interest in the projects with Radius carried through discovery, retaining a 40% interest.

I laughed hard, Simon. Good to see you maintaining your reputation.


    When all else fails at least we still have a sense of humor. Wonder if he put any of his own cash into the VG raise?
    Probably not.


    I guess you calling him a TWAT might have something to do with it. lmfao!


    Simon Ridgway from Focus and Medgold failure fame, and there was the San Jose mine shoot-out in the past. Pure coincidence of course, killing the leader of the opposition. Fortuna Silver denied any wrongdoing. Never a dull moment with Simon.


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