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Jamie Keech’s role in the Pucara Gold (TORO.v) IPO

In order to perpetrate his crime, Steve Common Thief Zuker has had to get a lot of moving parts together at Pucara Gold (TORO.v). The land assets that didn’t belong to him duly stolen, then the high-level mining executives from Sandstorm Gold (SAND), aware of the criminal activity, were brought in as directors and investors in order to add an image of respectability. But come the day you still need interest in your stock to provide that all-important liquidity window so that the insiders and early backers can cash out and leave retail holding the bag.

Step forward Jamie Keech! Keech’s company was perfect for the job: He is tight with the SAND board of directors, he has no moral compass and most of all, he’s built a dirty little company, one that exists on the very edges of legality, around the idea of circumventing investment rules in Canada. His rule-bending scheme is to get ordinary retail investors to pay him a fee so that they can participate in placements and financing rounds reserved for accredited investors, which means he gets a lot of small and greedy people giving him money. Possibly you. Not only did he sponsor the TORO.v funding round and got his club of people into the stock, he gave them all a gilt-edged opportunity to double their money this week. Under the guise of “providing information”, Keech screwed his own readers by sending this mailer out to the people on his freebies list, the ones that don’t pay him:

Hi (name redacted)

Pucara Resources will list on the Toronto Venture Exchange tomorrow Oct. 6th, 2020. You will be able to find this stock under ticker TSXV: TORO.

I, alongside Resource Insider members, invested in Pucara Resources last July at $0.40/share. 

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I believe that there is a good chance the shares will trade up significantly on the opening day.  I will be holding onto my stock for the foreseeable future, as I’m excited for Pucara to get results back from their upcoming drill program. 

Drilling is planned to commence later this month. When it comes to high sulphidation epithermal gold deposits the prize is huge; depending on results this stock offers investors the potential for +10X returns.  

This was one of the most exclusive investments our Members participated in over the past 24 months. Some of the biggest investors in the industry were turned away from this deal or had their allocation requests cut back significantly. These are names you would recognize. 

Tomorrow Pucara will be free trading and investors will have the opportunity to buy their full allocation on the market. If you are serious about gold investing you owe it to yourself to take a hard look at Pucara. 

Some of the most successful resource financiers on the planet have backed Pucara to date, including Sandstorm Gold, Resource Capital Funds (RCF) and Pathway Capital. The fact that these teams have given this company their stamp of approval should provide investors with confidence it has undergone extensive due diligence.

We rarely provide our free readers with access to this information, but If you’d like to learn why I, alongside many Ri Members, invested in Pucara Resources you can check out the Pucara Opportunity Report that our Members received exclusive access to last June.

You’ll learn why my team and I are so excited about Pucara and why I fought to ensure my Members received one of the largest allocations of stock available to any investor in the deal.

Pucara is a perfect example of what we do every day at Resource Insider: Provide our Members access to the best investment opportunities in the mining sector. 



This is one of the most disgusting tricks I’ve seen pulled on the investing public in years: He pumps TORO.v to his own readers on the night before the IPO, thereby creating buying interest that pushed the 40c stock to a crazy $1.50 at the open and has seen it trade at basically 2x all week. Anyone who paid Jamie Keech a fee and then bought TORO.v stock via Jamie Keech at 40c in July knew EXACTLY what his Monday evening mailer to his freebie list meant; they would get out for a big profit. To sum up, Jamie Keech decided to screw his own readers in order to create a liquidity event for TORO.v so that the people he really cares about could cash out and make big money, leaving the retail holding a bag in a criminal operation.


    Surely one of the most egregious examples of influencing the price of a stock so that it benefits a newsletter writer at the expense of the very people who, misguidedly, trust your judgement that I have ever witnessed. Truly is disgusting.


    Surely one of the most egregious examples of an individual, with an outrageously apparent conflict of interest, taking advantage of retail investors. It is disgusting but it is also a reminder that there is a reason the information is provided for free!


      It’s also the M.O. used by Marin Katusa and Louis James while they were at Casey Research. It’s a pyramid scheme to get you to pay more.


    So how does he get ahead of accredited investor rule?


    You are a fakking hero Mark and you other nagging b*****s should understand that his way works in the long run. Enough with all scumbags in this sector. Cheers!


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