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You can do post-mortems of scams, IKN calls them in real time

Plenty of people have been suckered by Vancouver scam artists over the years. They invest in a hyped-up junior exploreco, only to see their expectations and excitement dashed as its share price heads South. They then scratch heads, wonder why they’ve lost 70% or 90% of their money. And hey, there are even some who work it out afterward and get the picture on how these bands of thieves act in unison to separate you from your cash.

But here at IKN, we tell you when the scam happens in realtime.

A couple of quotes from posts published in late 2020 as the Pucara Gold (TORO.v) scam rolled out. There’s this one, from the post “Jamie Keech’s role in the Pucara Gold (TORO.v) IPO

“…Jamie Keech decided to screw his own readers in order to create a liquidity event for TORO.v so that the people he really cares about could cash out and make big money, leaving the retail holding a bag in a criminal operation.”

Or one from the post “Save Canadian Mining, halt trading in Pucara Gold

Any normal country would halt trading in at least the stock of Pucara Gold (TORO.v) pending investigation, as well as asking immediate and serious questions at SAND, but that won’t happen in Canada. In Canada, the whistle-blowers are hated and the liars are treated as heroes

Or how about this? Because the true sponsors of Pucara were the good ol’ boys at Sandstorm Gold (SAND) (SSL.to), intent on lining their pockets at your expense:

Sandstorm Gold (SAND) (SSL.to) is up to its neck in this and know exactly how the heavily marketed Lourdes property was stolen by Zuker and Pincus. Sandstorm Gold’s David Awram, supposedly some fine figure of mining society, approves of this way of doing business and would hardly remain as a director otherwise. SAND has budgets and lawyers and social influencer teams that will now tell you how nasty and bad that IKN is…for telling the truth.

There’s a big bunch of other IKN posts on the Pucara Gold (TORO.v) as well, from the key time of the scam and following up, as the share price did what it did and the players have tried to slink quietly out the back door. This is the world in which 21st century junior mining moves because be clear, Pucara Gold is no sort of exception to the rule. The whole pay-to-play scene is corrupt and stinks from top to bottom, the lies and deceit from the sector is vomitworthy, disgusting and is killing the mining industry. We’ve gone past mere greed and calling these excuses for human beings morally bankrupt just makes them laugh at you in return. The excesses of the mining people and their marketeer parasites running the scams on you these days is nothing short of evil in thought, word and deed.


    Congrats… Some really good work on this one.

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 01/03/22 2:26 pm

    Most of the exploration co’s are dressed up “lottery ticket” promotions …. although a “real” Gold co kicking it into another gear here is; “GFI”


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