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Save Canadian Mining, halt trading in Pucara Gold (TORO.v)

The deep hilarity felt at this desk over the “Save Canadian Mining” guff and nonsense continues, as the jolly funsters benefiting from the corrupt system continue to sell their vision. We applaud with anticipation of the moment when, with just a puff of magic Vancouver fairy dust and a repeal of the Uptick Rule, everything is hunky dory again.

Instead, let us point to a real way in which Canada can save its mining industry, also one unlikely to happen, as laid out in front of the TSX, the TSXV, IIROC, OSC, ASC, BCSC and any other acronym that might find it all interesting is a clear case of securities fraud. A company that began when its officers illegally asset stripped another company and broke all types of securities laws is now trading on the Canadian exchanges, as a recent IPO. The paper trail is clear, obvious and available to anyone who cares to look. There are many other officers of public traded companies involved in the scheme, all of whom have profited financially from the deal (start with Sandstorm Gold (SAND) (SSL.to)). The operation uses paid-for promotion outlets to market the company and in fact went a lot further; Pucara Gold is one of the companies circumventing the Accredited Investor rules by offering its pre-IPO shares to people via Jamie Keech’s share sales operation, which is also known to be in close association with several key officers at Sandstorm Gold. Keech made a bunch of money for sure, too.

Any normal country would halt trading in at least the stock of Pucara Gold (TORO.v) pending investigation, as well as asking immediate and serious questions at SAND, but that won’t happen in Canada. In Canada, the whistle-blowers are hated and the liars are treated as heroes so expect Steve Common Thief Zuker to get away with his heist and make himself a stack, because the authorities in Canada won’t lift a finger.

Save Canadian Mining. Right.

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