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Mark Child of Condor Gold (CNR.L) and his BFF, Nicaragua’s Dictator Daniel Ortega

Here’s a link of interest out of Managua Nicaragua this weekend, as local media channel La Nueva Radio YA reports on an interview given by Mark Child, Chairman and CEO of Condor Gold (CNR.L). And here’s what it says (translated):

Mr. Mark Child, president of the English mining company Condor Gold, has given an interview in which he gives details of the technical advances of the La India mining project that his company is developing in the country.

At the same time, he expressed his gratitude for the support of the government of Nicaragua for foreign investment and made special mention of his recent meeting with the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Comandante Daniel Ortega. He was impressed with the positive interest and attention given to the mining sector by the high directorate of the country.

In the interview, Mr. Child boasts that the Nicaragua government is totally supportive of the mine and goes on to talk up his meeting last Friday with the country’s Minister of Mines, who then drove with him to the Presidential Palace. There he was given a 90 minute audience with the Dictator masquerading as President, Daniel Ortega. Mr. Child said, “I had a meeting of an hour and a half with the President, Daniel Ortega….he is basically totally supportive of the mine…That meeting with the President gives a major green light to the project.

Watch this shameless Brit toadying up to human rights abuser and Vladimir Putin’s staunch supporter, right here:


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