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The Government of Nicaragua, through the Ministry of the Interior, ordered the closure Monday of another 25 NGOs, including the Luisa Mercado Foundation, which is directed by Sergio Ramirez Mercado, the prestigious Nicaraguan writer exiled in Spain.

With these new annulments, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has, since November 2018, closed down without recourse 164 organizations, foundations and associations of civil society that promoted social, political, economic development, human rights, democracy, education and health in Nicaragua, according to a count made by Confidencial.

Confidencial then lists a few of the other NGOs banned by the Dictatorship this week, including:

  • The Permanent Commission of Human Rights of Nicaragua (CPDH)
  • The Nicaraguan Coordinating Federation of NGOs Working with Children and Adolescents (Codeni)
  • The Nicaraguan Association of Engineers and Architects
  • The Center for Constitutional Rights
  • The Nicaraguan Foundation for the Promotion of Democracy, Peace, and the Development of Civil Society
  • The Nicaraguan Academy of Legal and Political Sciences Association
  • The Nicaraguan Association of Cinematography
  • The Training Center Association for Working Women
  • The Association for the Development of Solentiname

The list continues, and it’s worth clicking through to the full English language report from Confidencial today just for the details and history behind that last NGO, founded by the country’s ex-Vice President under Ortega. However and strangely, it’s already clear from the roaring silence out of mining companies working in Nicaragua that human rights, democracy, fair elections and State sponsored terrorism don’t matter much when you’re busy making money from the system in question. We still haven’t had a peep out of CEO Mark Child of Condor Gold (CNR.L), who recently spent his afternoon fawning in front of the scumbag Ortega. Also, nothing from CEO Darren Hall of Calibre Mining (CXB.to), CEO Akiba Leisman of Mako Mining (MKO.v), CEO Andrés Restrepo of Mineros S.A. (MSA.to), CEO Cesar Gonzalez of Sailfish Royalty (FISH.v) to name just a few mining executives getting rich off the back of the infamously corrupt and increasingly oppressive dictatorship running Nicaragua. So much for the tough and manly mining image, this bunch of cowards don’t have the guts to commit either way. So if you don’t give a toss about the suffering you are happy to sponsor in Nicaragua, at least have the guts to say as much in public instead of cowering in pathetic silence.


    I’m confused. Should miners focus on shareholders or social justice?


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