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Pucara Gold (TORO.v): Steve Common Thief Zucker still living the dream

One month on from the post Whatever happened to Pucara Gold (TORO.v)?” and still no word from Steve Common Thief Zucker and his band of Sandstorm Gold (SAND) liars and thieves. Why no work program for Pucara Gold (TORO.v) in 2022, you land-grabbing, scamster thief? Why no plans to use the company treasury on anything except corp G&A? Any thoughts on the people you pumped to your flock of sheep, Jamie Keech? Picking up your consultancy fees for doing nothing again, George Salamis? Happy with your work and laughing at the suckers who fell for the spiel, David Awram?

You are fraudsters, this is fraud and you should be arrested, charged and jailed. A plague o’ both your houses, Vancouver.

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    Teflon George Salami strikes again.


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