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Whatever happened to Pucara Gold (TORO.v)?

Seems fairly quiet at Pucara Gold (TORO.v) compared to this time last year, no?

Just for one, it’s been three full financial quarters between us and the last NR from the company. A quick check on the website will also tell you that the last corporate presentation is dated September 2021 but strangely enough, the highly qualified management team doesn’t seem to care…

…they’re all still at the company…and all surely working hard! And hey, let’s not forget the team of advisors still happily advising away, and giving adviceful advice to the common thieves running the company:

…and that’s probably because of this:

As at September 2021, TORO.v still had $3.6m to burn through and until that’s been deposited into the back pockets of Steve Common Thief Zuker and his partners in crime, nothing much else will happen. Once a thief, always a thief. And be clear, anyone who’s been round the block in the world of junior mining should know by now that you cannot judge the two-faced liars and thieves who run these companies by what they say, the only things that matter are what they do. Understanding the true motivations and intentions of people like Salamis, Awram and Laskowski by the company they keep gives better perspective as to why their main gigs did so poorly in 2021. A plague o’ both your houses.


    George Salami is as crooked as they come.


    Hmmm…..a few names connected with Sandstorm and Bear Creek too. Could it be a coincidence? Birds of fellow flock……..


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