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Silver: A year later, Red Dog Stick theory still explains its price movements…

…more accurately than your preferred silver conman on Twitter. A couple of commenters in the recent post reminded your author so by popular demand (!!), here’s a look back to IKN592, dated September 28th, 2020 and the op-ed that would have saved you a lot of money if you’d paid attention. The cash you parked in silver because of your Twitter Moronity would have gone to better use if you hadn’t listened to the Red Dog Stick idiots, but you fell for it. Also interesting is the silver price that day, as the London silver PM fix was U$22.89/oz, according to Kitco. A year on, it’s down and not up.

The silver price as explained by Red Dog Stick

“That which can be asserted without evidence,

can be dismissed without evidence.”

Christopher Hitchens

There was once a man who declared he had worked out that the price movements of silver were predictable. This was based on a clear and unquestionable fact, Red Dog Stick, and the obvious implications that came from Red Dog Stick. Once his theory was perfected, he declared in public, “The price of silver will go up because Red Dog Stick.” Most people ignored him, but a few people heard and one or two bought on his advice. When, the next day, silver rose sharply it wasn’t just our central figure talking about Red Dog Stick any longer. Within a week, by simple word of mouth between a couple of friends, a dozen people were sitting on healthy profits because A) they had heard the man’s message about silver and Red Dog Stick, B) they had bought some silver and C) the price of silver had indeed improved again.

At that point, there was a bit of noise being generated by Red Dog Stick. The man who’d worked out that the infallible fact of Red Dog Stick means that silver goes up was creating quite a following and, when silver’s move started accelerating, his next online video went viral. For a few weeks, older hands start looking at this new Red Dog Stick theory and some even became interested, but one fine day and just after publishing a new video forecasting silver’s move to $100/oz thanks to Red Dog Stick, the price of silver collapsed at market. Not an easy day for a lot of people, as there were also margined newbies on the bandwagon by then. Many people wondered if our new media celebrity would quietly fade into the background in a fog of excuses. But no! He showed his face when things got rough as well, this man was no sly con artist! He believed fervently in Red Dog Stick and was more than willing to defend Red Dog Stick in public, as it had been proven near-infallible before other market players noticed its success and started underhandedly manipulating the market against its true course. (continues)

PS: Remember this one? Ahh, happy days

“It’s only the question of when will silver reach $50 before we will get it run towards $100 and I’m convinced the rally won’t be over,” he said. It will take years before we see $200, $300. I see great, great upside.”

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    I googled “red dog stick” and it came up with uncooked dried bull penises so it all makes sense now.


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