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Catching up with Robert Cudney and his Twitter stock pumps

It was around this time last year that Robert Cudney of Northfield Capital ran his Twitter-based pump and dump scheme on Nighthawk Gold (NHK.v). Knowing full well his investment was in trouble, he took to Twitter in order to pump the stock as high as he could. His standard mendacious mentality at play, Cudney did all he could to push the stock higher before the bad news started to flow.

As it’s been a year since Cudney’s P+D scam scheme, which by all rights should have landed him in jail, let’s catch up with NHK and see how Cudney’s multi-million dollar investment is going:

Looks as though the “multi” part is under threat. Just because you back the losers doesn’t mean other people have to suffer as well, Cudney.


    pamplona trader got me into nighthawk, you got me out.


    “Just because you back the losers doesn’t mean other people have to suffer as well”

    That’s right Mark, open that can of worms :)))


    Was Cudney selling??? Ony EWRs I see says he bough a few times over the past year? No doubt he was pumpin…..he owns 20%.


    Otto, I doubled checked. Cudney only bought over the past couple of years (and beyond). Fair is fair…….


    Have you any faith in the fundamental geology of Cantex’s project – forgetting about the share price history.


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